Black Cumin Seed Oil Suggested Use & Dosage


The most effective way is to simply take a teaspoon of black seed oil raw and chase it with a teaspoon of honey, this will not only help you counter the pungent taste but the synergy between the two helps compound the benefits.

You can chase your black seed oil with almost any drink, a couple of sips of coffee does the trick. 

You can also add the oil to your smoothies, teas and coffees. It's great for drizzling on your salads or any dish you may want to add a unique peppery kick too, sparsity is advised over generosity in this rare case.

The oil is amazing when used topically, great for massaging any aching joints, dry skin or most skin conditions. Fantastic for the hair and scalp either by itself or blended with another oil, coconut and black seed oil blend is very effective for nourishing hair and bringing it back to life. 

A tip on storage: For optimal freshness, keep it in a dark, cool place away from heat and direct sunlight.