My Journey To Discovering Black Seed Oil | Black Seed Oil Benefits | Black Seed Oil results | Organic Essential Oil and Oil Price | Oil

декабрь 29, 2019 3 min read

My Journey To Discovering Black Seed Oil | Black Seed Oil Benefits | Black Seed Oil results | Organic Essential Oil and Oil Price | Oil

Today I will tell you how I got acquainted with black seed oil. Discovering black seed oil was one of the most positive things for me that came in handy. A few years back I started on a journey with the aim of improving my health, it began by encompassing a whole-food plant based diet which was at first very difficult for me since meat was the star of every dish I ate and come to think of it the star of 95% of every dish in all restaurants across the world. Instead of completely disowning meat due to strong scientific evidence suggesting we actually need good quality meat, fats and collagen to maintain good health. It struck me that I had to find the right ratio, and I went with an 80/20 plant to meat ratio respectively. 

It seemed like I hit the sweet spot as I had never felt better, but this wasn't completely down to the change of diet. I'm a bit of a weight lifting junkie on a journey of cleaning up my eating habits, switching all my protein powder to a natural plant based option was top of my list but easily done, although the flavor of vegan protein powder could do with some major improvements. Finding a replacement for creatine which I used to increase my strength and stamina was proving to be a difficult task. After some Internet surfing, sifting through all the wonderful information about natures offerings I came across black seed oil and there was a heap of information on blogs and articles, there were video testimonials swearing by this oil healing all kinds of ailments, one of these videos had a comment from a body builder saying that he used black seed oil to increase his strength, this could potentially be my creatine and pre workout replacement. So I ordered my first bottle and started taking the oil, one spoon a day for the first 3 days then gradually increased to the maximum dosage. It took a couple of days to start feeling the effects but when I did, If I could describe this oil in one word it would be 'wow'.

I first noticed that my sleep was deeper and richer, I had also started to feel a little bit more happier almost like an antidepressant would but it was more subtle and obviously this was natural. My gym numbers were improving slightly initially but naturally increased as my dosage did, at 3 spoons a day I was pushing limits I had not been able to before. This black seed oil was also improving my short term memory, it started to become more sharper which was amazing as now I had an answer for that super annoying question you get when you just sit down and put your feet up, did I lock the car? Or the other way around when you're off to work, wondering about the front door. My profession at the time frequently involved being in public spaces which gave me the opportunity to put black seed oil's claims of dealing with the cold & flu to the test. You guessed it, I literally hoovered up any germs I possibly could, hunting those sniffly noses and getting as close as possible to anyone's cough which scared most to the other side of the room. On my train rides the coughs and sneezes of some increased the radius of the space around them which I gladly filled. After some thorough exposure to as many strains of the virus out there I found that with black seed oil I was almost immune to them, with a slight runny nose for a day only to fade the next left me in awe, that's the worst of any symptoms I got. 

Currently there is no known cure for the common cold and in my honest personal experience I can say that with black seed oil being anti-viral and whilst in your body super charging your immune system leaves you fully equipped to face most viruses out there. Black seed oil is a natural product which makes a lot of claims, the apprehension brought along from such products without sufficient scientific evidence is normal and it doesn't help with the bitter taste of the snake oil hype still lingering, but black seed oil has a track record that goes back 3000 years, some food for thought. This is one of those things you have to see to believe. We have so many products that you can see. In fact, at this time of adulteration we need quality products that not everyone can afford but we will get it.

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